Better Data.  Better Decisions.

Each year, businesses continue to lose billions of dollars due to stockouts and inefficient distribution.

With the Seeonic solution, we offer complete visibility of inventory levels and location, as well as actionable demand and distribution data to help reframe your distribution model, reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

Our trusted IoT/RFID-powered solution tracks inventory levels of your products, knows where your products are located using embedded GPS, and communicates that data through a cellular signal

Continuous Inventory Visibility

Demand and Distribution Analytics

Integrated RFID Technology

Inventory Visibility in Action

Empowering Businesses to Make Better Decisions

We partnered with Tegu to install our solution in select retail stores. 

With Seeonic, Tegu is able to gather valuable data to better understand product demand, while improving their distribution and replenishment processes.

Interested in learning how Seeonic can help your business?